How To Become a Cisco IOS Security Specialist

Career certificates for Cisco are essential for professionals who are working in the information technology industry. There are five various levels and seven different paths of certification. If you want to obtain certification for network security, you will need to get ample training before you proceed for an exam.

  • Do your homework. Cisco IOS or Internetworking Operating System is used for Cisco routers and most of its network switches. Cisco IOS falls under the Associate or second level and is under the path of Security. Before you are considered an IOS security specialist, you will need to take various examinations. Begin your Cisco certification quest by training for the examination. You can enroll in Cisco training schools or you can choose to study on your own. You can check on Cisco’s official website for accredited training centers if you have money and fixed time to spare. If you want to learn on your own, you can do so by obtaining books and on-line materials about the Cisco topics. The beauty of self-study is that you will be able to study at your own convenient time.
  • Get basic certification. You will need to obtain the Cisco certificate for an entry-level technician. This is the basic exam that you will need. After you’ve passed the first exam, you will need to get a “Cisco Network Associate” certificate. As a network associate, you should be proficient in the installation, configuration, operation, trouble shooting of routers, switching of networks, and a basic knowledge on using wireless networks. 
  • Take the CCNA Security exam. After you have obtained the certificate of being a network associate, you will need to prepare for yet another exam – the CCNA Security examination. Take note that the Cisco Network Associate certificate is only valid for three years, if the time has lapsed, you will need to take the examination again in order to proceed to the Security examination. 
  • Pay the fee. Prepare to spend an average of two hundred dollars per exam. Updated price for the exams are available at the Cisco. Exams are offered at various Pearson Vue centers, which are Cisco’s official testing partner. 
  • Study well for the examinations. Some people study for more than a year before they actually take the exams. Do not think that the exam will be easy. Remember the vital points that your lecturer or you mentor have taught you.
    While the burden of the examination may seems heavy, don’t worry about it. You should take ample time to review and study for each of the exams. If you decide to study on your own, find a place wherein you can apply whatever you have learned. Seek the help of someone you know who is already a Cisco certified professional. You will need a mentor to guide you if you’re on the right path.

On the night of the exam, try to get as much sleep as you can. Remember to eat well before the exam as the examination will take seventy-five minutes. Your certificate will surely be worthy of all the trouble that you went through. Your credibility as an IT professional will rise as well. Good luck!


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