How To Become a Cobbler

Women of all ages love shoes; this is a well-known fact. In fact, many of these women dream about making their own shoes and aspire to do just that. For these people, there is a perfect job for them! Those who dream about making their own kinds of shoes have the ability and opportunity to become a cobbler. A cobbler is the person who designs, mends, makes or decorates shoes and boots. Back in the 1600s, becoming a cobbler meant buying cow skins and making three different shoes as an occupation. Today, it is a little bit easier to become one.

The first thing that will need to be done is to take various classes or workshops that teach students how to design shoes. There are, of course, actual design schools, but if you do not possess the finances to get through them, this is probably not a very good option to take. If you do have the money, though, by all means, go for it! You do not, however, need to travel to Europe or live in New York to become a successful cobbler.

Pick an area of specialty in design. You can create boots and shoes from scratch. Start by sketching and drawing those design ideas on a piece of paper.

Next, look around and find some trade shows to attend. Trade shows are a great place to go ahead and find some people who are already in the industry. People in the industry who are at trade shows include the technical designers who accept the ideas and make them prototypes, manufacturers who make your prototype into an actual shoe or boot and the marketers who place the final product out in the world for the public to eye and purchase. These contacts will prove to be invaluable later on in your career.

As you prepare to become a cobbler, you will want to go ahead and prepare a business plan as well. Not only must you be a good shoe designer, you will be expected to be familiar with and have a good sense of business. If you are unsure what steps are necessary at this point, it is advised to seek help from a financial planner or perhaps a bank representative to help get the business plan out onto paper.

If becoming a cobbler in terms of designing and marketing do not end up seeming like the right career path for you, there are other options available within the industry that are less complicated. Other ways to become a cobbler include painting and decorating shoes, sneakers or boots, dyeing bridal and prom shoes, decorating boots with rhinestones or beads and perhaps sometimes even using embroider to fancy up different kinds of boots and shoes.


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