How To Become a College Mascot

Who would want to stand in the bleachers cheering for your own college sports teams when you could be on the floor, pumping up the crowd, and being right in the middle of the action? That is the duty of a college mascot, a highly energetic and social able that gets to see the game from only feet away and possibly score free tuition. However, getting the position isn’t easy, because this volunteer job can create amazing experiences that will last forever. There are tons of applications and the audition process is intense as applicants are willing to go all out, doing everything to obtain the position.

In order to begin the process of becoming a college mascot, the athletic department is generally responsible for such applications, but if not they can direct you to the right person. Depending on the college, there may be specific assignments or projects that need to be completed, giving them the best effort and turning them in on time is an excellent start to getting the incredibly fun position.

Being physically prepared for countless hours of running and jumping around on football fields and basketball courts is extremely important and can make the difference of getting the job. Energy and stamina are the two most important aspects of a college mascot, so running, walking and jogging will do wonders compared to weight training in trying to obtain the best physical condition.

Knowing and communication can lead to great things, not only in life but in the journey of becoming a college mascot. Talking to coaches, cheerleaders, and previous mascots can lead to helpful hints as well as honesty in the pros and cons of the job as well. Also, finding out their routines to get into shape and keep the crowd excited and into the game can be crucial in the audition process.

 Going into audition showing great physical shape and condition is not enough to persuade the judges, several short stunts and performances that have been planned out can make all the difference. Showing various moods and expressions and easy to understand plot lines will definitely impress the judges.

Practice makes perfect, even though it has been said a million times it’s the truth. Professional sports players put in tens of thousands of hours to become good enough at the sport they are playing. While it won’t take that long to seal the deal as position of college mascot, daily practice can be an immense help. Also, having a friend or family member record the routines and stunts with a video camera so that they can be critiqued and improved later will make for a perfect audition.

Improvisation is an important step to becoming a successful college mascot, specific situations can happen out of the blue and a mascot must be able to deal with the situation in the correct manner. Frightened children can sometimes be unexpected and brutal losses aren’t uncommon among mediocre college teams, thinking of all the possibilities and solutions will ensure no mistakes are made.

Finally, knowing the rules of the game is essential to making it onto the college mascot squad. There is nothing worse than a mascot cheering for a goaltending call just because the shot didn’t make it in the hoop. Whether it is basketball, football, baseball or any other popular sport, having fun is the most important aspect of being a great college mascot. This can be substantially easier to do when the details of the game are known, because certain calls by the referees require different actions and expressions. Ultimately, getting the college mascot job is going to be a tough challenge for anyone to accomplish, but with hard work and dedication, impressing the judges shouldn’t be too difficult.


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