How To Become a Construction Secretary

Becoming a construction secretary is a great career choice for people who enjoy secretarial positions, yet take pleasure in working in fast-paced environments.  Being a construction secretary is sure to pack your day with a multitude of tasks, but you must be able to meet deadlines and communicate effectively.

To become a construction secretary, you must obtain experience working as a secretary in different industries.  This experience will teach you all the basics of being a secretary, such as answering phones, filing papers, faxing, and communicating with clients.  Remember to always be friendly when answering phones and taking messages, as construction secretaries often serve as a liaison between clients and the construction business.

In order to become a construction secretary, you must also attend a business school.  You can choose to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a field such as business management.  Many construction employers prefer someone with an educational background and a 4-year college degree, so achieving the proper education will make you more desirable.

Other courses to consider taking include business law and accounting.  Construction secretaries must be able to prepare and deliver contracts between construction companies and their clients, and this is where business law comes in handy.  Construction secretaries are also responsible for processing timecards and payroll, as well as budgeting.  Accounting classes can help you prepare for handling these numbers.

While secretarial training and coursework will help prepare you for becoming a construction secretary, there are many other duties that are specific to the construction business.  Construction secretaries need to be able to read blueprints and create bid packages for prospective clients.  The best way to learn these skills is by on-site training.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to on-site training is that you can learn how to properly handle clients.  The construction business is one that often runs behind schedule due to inclement weather and waiting on construction supplies.  Being able to filter phone calls from angry clients is a common task.

Many college or university programs will offer on-site training as part of their educational program.  For an added benefit, choose to do an internship at a local construction office, where you will be observing and helping a construction secretary.

When you are ready to find a job working as a construction secretary, one of the best places to look for available jobs is by using the Internet.  Many available jobs are listed online, and you can easily apply for them by filling out an online application and submitting your resume.  Besides the Internet, browse through newspapers and ads to find available jobs and work with your college advisor who can help perfect your resume and assist you in your job hunt.

Keep in mind that some construction secretarial positions will require you to travel.  These companies are generally large national and international construction companies that travel around the country or world to carry out construction opportunities.  While these positions pay more, they are most ideal for people who are not tied down to living in one location.


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