How To Become a Cosmetology Teacher

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There are many career opportunities for a cosmetology graduate. You can be a hairstylist who can easily fix people’s bad hair day. You can also specialize in nail care. Another career option is to become a teacher in cosmetology. You do not need to be a degree holder to become a cosmetology teacher. You just need to have advanced knowledge in the different fields of cosmetology. You must also have a license. You can easily get a license by passing the written and practical exam.

Here are the different areas that you should master to become a qualified cosmetology teacher:

  • Find out if you fit the bill. The first thing that a person does when she is about to try something new is to find out all the details about the venture. Find out if you are qualified to become a cosmetology teacher. There are different requirements in every state. However, there are common factors in all the states that you have to meet. You have to make sure that you have a high school diploma in order to become a cosmetology teacher. A general equivalency diploma or GED qualifies for this job. You must also be at least 18 years of age.
  • Become a student of vanity. If you want to become a teacher of cosmetology, you must first learn it as a student. Enroll yourself in an accredited cosmetology school. Try to absorb as much information as you can on the different branches of cosmetology. If you want to become a cosmetology teacher, you must have a very advanced knowledge in hair care, manicures and pedicures, skin care, hair removal  and make-up application.
  • Hit the mark. The next thing that you have to do is to pass the exams that will make you qualified to teach. You have to get high grades on the written and practical exam. You can get your license if you pass these exams.
  • Get some salon experience. Complete at least 1500 hours of working time in your local salon. Try to talk to the owner of the salon that you serve for the possibility of an apprentice’s license.
  • Take educational classes. Take additional courses in education. You can enter a local community college to learn about the development of a lesson plan and teaching methods. Apply for an instructor’s license.
  • Prepare for your take-off. Prepare a well-written resume and a cover letter. Search for job openings in the different job directories with the help of the Internet. Take the time to assess the background of your prospects. Choose at least three schools that won your interest.
  • Spread your mail. Submit your cover letter and resume to the three schools that you chose. After four days, try to follow up on your job application. If you do not get any response after a week, try to browse the Internet for other job openings.

It is not hard to become a cosmetology teacher. If you follow these steps, you may gain the expertise that this line of career demands.


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