How To Become a Courier Broker

So, you want to drive and deliver mail and other packages either locally or around the world?  A courier broker's job is not one that is taken lightly, at times they have to run from morning to night and often times into the next day to ensure that they have a package delivered on time.  If you still think this job is for you, then read on, as it will explain the steps it takes to become a courier broker.

The first thing you need to do is look up where any freight and air broker instruction classes are being held.  Hopefully, you can find one such class close to home otherwise your traveling will begin right away.  Once you have found out where the closes classes are, you need to go down and enroll in them.  Once you have gotten that far the rest really isn’t hard.  Sometimes you can even find classes that are offered online, so if you take such online then you’ll be ahead of schedule and you can pace yourself to suit your needs.

Now, if you decide to take the classes online, you need to study all your manuals, take each tiny detail and remember them because even during the course of the job you’re going to have to remember tiny details.  Take your time and work at a pace where you know you can still remember the material and yet not slow enough where it will take you forever to achieve your desired goal.  With the studying done, you can now take the various tests you have to take in order to get your certification.  Once you have completed all the tests and passed them with satisfactory marks, you’ll receive your papers to become a courier broker.

That, however, is not the last step in becoming a courier broker, now you have to get bonded in order to take on the jobs.  You can find all the forms online or at your local library in order to be bonded, once you have the correct papers, you need to fill them out completely leaving no information left out.  Along with filling out the paperwork, you will have to turn over all information of your past and present for a background investigation.  Many states take their time in running this background check due to the fact that they wish to make sure you have no criminal record.

Once you have been bonded, you can now either work for yourself or for another courier broker service.  Sometimes it is better to work with another firm before striking out alone.  This way you can get the respect and get the business down first hand rather than guesswork.  Make sure that you carry enough insurance, as this will keep you safe and your bills paid should anything happen to you in the course of work.


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