How To Become a Court Stenographer

Court reporter

You are already a stenographer or want to be become one and you specifically want to be a court stenographer. You will need to be focused on the system of justice and all other prerequisites. This will guide you on how to become a court stenographer. You will need special training for this quest.

These are the pointers on how to become a court stenographer:

  1. Educate yourself. If you want to become a stenographer you will have to formally study. Stenography does not simply require a pencil and a notebook. This is a highly skilled job, and you will need specific training to become a stenographer.  Court reporting needs a more specialized training than other stenography jobs. Courts have their own language, proceedings, rules, and style. You must be very familiar with legal terms. You must know their definitions. Aside from familiarity with the terms, you have to be familiar with the laws themselves. Since you will be dealing with and recording court proceedings, you have to know the law. In order to accurately record proceedings, you need to understand them first. Aside from the general laws, be very particular in learning court rules or remedial law. Courts are governed by remedial rules. All proceedings are governed by remedial law. Since a court stenographer is an officer of the court just like lawyers, it is obviously necessary to know the rules.
  2. Train. Court stenography is highly technical. You may get fired for a single mistake in the transcripts. Because that mistake could mean the life, liberty, or property of a court litigant. You cannot afford to make mistakes. All court records are highly scrutinized by suspicious lawyers who advance the causes of their clients. Expect that the transcripts you make will pass from one hand to the other. If you produce erroneous records, for sure, lawyers of all parties to a case would move that you would be substituted. Worse, they could suspect you of conspiring with a certain party.

  3. Market yourself sellable. Prepare a comprehensive CV that would highlight your expertise in court stenography. You may also visit judges and express your intention of becoming an officer of the courts.

Stenographers or court reporters are vital parts in the justice system. Accurate records of all proceedings come from them. They help lawyers and judges revisit the records of the case for a fair disposition of cases. Facts are vital in all court proceedings.  These facts would be forgotten if not recorded by court reporters. The key here is preparation. When you are prepared, you will pose yourself confidently even before the learned members of the bar and bench. So start preparing yourself on how to become a court stenographer. This could be a rewarding career. This could be a great public service. You could do a lot as a court stenographer. It has already been started here, and it's all up to you to prove your worth.


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