How To Become a Dialysis Technician

The first step in becoming a dialysis technician is to graduate from high school or have a accredited high school diploma from a school or pass a GED high school diploma test. In order to graduate from a school or course you will have to perform a number of different courses that will ultimately determine if you know all the information that you will need to know to pass the high school diploma.

The next step after completing high school is to participate in training courses in the field of dialysis. You should speak with some dialysis technicians to allow their insight to be passed to you on what the best course of action should be and what you will need to know to pass the test to become the dialysis technician. The state will require that a set amount of hours have been reached in the training field of dialysis and will ask for a state issued certificate stating that you participated in these courses and passed and will then move onto the dialysis field work area.

You will be taught a number of different things when participating in a dialysis course. You will be taught how to hook up a patient to a dialysis machine which will remove the waste from the patient’s bloodstream and then place the blood back into the patient’s body. These are procedures that are done to help a person stay alive. In order for a person to live they must have a way to remove the waste in the body whether this can be done naturally or be done with the assistance of a machine. Either way this procedure must be done to continue living.

In most scenarios a patient has either been diagnosed with a condition that leaves the patient unable to get rid of the waste such as a cancer patient whose kidney is no longer able to function on its own and will need the machine to do the job for it and once the patient is placed on the organ donor list and a new organ is then placed into the patient’s body the patient may require additional dialysis for a short time to be sure the kidney is doing its part in the functions of the body.

Once you have completed the course and you have been taught all information pertaining to dialysis and have completed the amount of time set forth by the government to become a dialysis technician you may be placed in a hospital setting on a probational period to establish that you have what it take to become a dialysis technician. Once the probational period is over the hospital can choose to keep you or choose to get rid of you if they feel that you have not performed up to their standards of care.


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