How To Become a Diesel Mechanic

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Have you loved working on cars your whole life?  Do you want to turn your hobby into a career?  One option would be to become a diesel mechanic.  Diesel mechanics are in high demand, and make a great salary.  Want to take the next step?  Here is the path you will need to take to begin your challenging new career.

Start early.  If your dad is outside tinkering with his car, go ahead and watch.  Ask him if he needs an assistant.  When you start high school, sign up for English, computer science, and auto shop classes.  Your school might also offer an extracurricular program that deals more technically with automobile maintenance.  The best way to succeed is to give yourself a solid foundation that begins with a well rounded education.

Now that you have some rudimentary automobile knowledge, it's time to begin learning more about what duties a diesel mechanic performs. Automotive and diesel mechanics are, after all, two different jobs.  A great place to start is by shadowing a diesel mechanic for the day.  Ask a lot of questions.

After high school you can pursue one of two options:  a technical or career college, or on the job training. Most tech schools offer one or two year programs.  You will be able to specialize further, by gaining a degree or diploma in areas such as agricultural equipment maintenance, or heavy equipment maintenance.

If you decide that you would like to begin your career right out of high school, your best option is to work for a larger company.  Some even offer on the job training.  Even though you choose not to attend a 2 year college, you may still want to take a few classes in mathematics or computer sciences.  Look for a school in your area that offers night classes.  Almost all diesel mechanics will work with electronics systems, and you may be expected to maintain these systems as well.

After about two to three years of on the job experience you might want to take the Automotive Service Excellence exams to become a certified diesel mechanic.  This will look impressive on your resume, and this title will also open doors to higher paying jobs.


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