How To Become a DVD Duplication Professional

The DVD is an optical disc used to store videos, audio and computer data. The DVD is bigger and faster than the CD, and can store high-quality digital video. This means audio and pictures are better on DVDs than on CDs. When the DVD was made, it replaced the videotapes, video game cartridges and movie laserdiscs. Within 3 years after its inception, the DVD became the most successful consumer electronics product.

There are various workshops and seminars on a variety of DVD topics that are regularly presented at conferences like DVD Pro and DVD Production. Topics on current developments and techniques in CD manufacturing and DVD production are discussed, and companies get to display their current products.

Several training companies offer DVD courses to interested individuals. Video Symphony in Burbank and Seneschal in San Francisco are only a few of the companies that invest in training professionals in DVD replication and production. Courses in video editing, production and graphics animation for the making of films have the necessary materials for instructing on the production of DVDs.

  • One of the main things you have to accomplish to be able to produce DVD duplicates is to prepare a good DVD master. To make sure that your master DVD can be read, you should create a DVD-R master or output your film to DLT (Digital Linear Tape). Just prepare a pair of DVD-R masters to be sure that if one master gets damaged in the process of duplicating the DVD, you have a replacement master DVD on hand to continue the work.
  • After preparing a DVD master, you can then move on to designing the DVD face. The DVD face can be taken from websites that have sample templates and free downloads of DVD templates that you can choose from. Part of the DVD face design is the barcode or UPC. When selling DVDs in shops, a barcode is needed. Make sure that the necessary UPC is already provided. The UPC is needed if the DVD will be sold. You can go and look for a good DVD replicating company. These replication companies are capable of producing DVDs of high quality. Look for one that can give a good price, and be clear about any additional costs. There are so many extras like setup fees or glass mastering fees. They may also charge extra for offset printed DVDs and nicely-colored artwork.
  • You could also choose to do your own DVD disc replication. You can get DVD copiers and have your own DVD production. Since you already have your DVD master, once you have your own machine, you should be able to put together an easy system that allows you to duplicate DVDs by the hundreds, such as a DVD duplication professional does.

DVD production is easy after the first few tries. You just have to make sure that your master copy is clear so that you are sure that it is going to be a good copy. Remember, if you make good copies you can charge good rates.


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