How To Become a Eucharistic Minister

A Eucharistic minister helps the priest in preparing and serving the Holy Eucharist. Unlike a priest, a Eucharistic minister is not ordained by the church. However, the duties he has to the church and to the priest holds a high value. He must be able to join the priest who is presides the Holy mass in prayer. He is also in charge of helping the priest in performing the certain rites that he must make during the mass. The Eucharistic minister also helps in the cleanup of the bowls and chalices used in a mass. It is not easy to live the life of a Eucharistic minister. You have to be prepared to make a lifelong commitment to the church. You must also have a very strong sense of dedication to become fit for this job.

Here are some of the steps that you should take if you want to become a Eucharistic minister:

  • Start building your spiritual foundation. The first step to becoming a lay minister is to have a good relationship with God. You must be able to practice a good example of the Catholic faith in your deeds. Make it a point to complete the sacred sacraments that are available for you. Make it a point to attend the Holy mass regularly. Make a move to undergo the sacrament of reconciliation.
  • Get some spiritual advice. In order to become a Eucharistic minister, you have to know all the things you must do. Consult your local priest to find out the role that you have to take if you become a lay minister. Try to find out if you are a likely candidate for this position. Try to decide if you are ready to make a commitment to fulfill this job properly. You can also visit religious websites that can tell you more about the duties of a Eucharistic minister.
  • Be trained for the job. Get a parish membership. Try to get updates on the schedule of the training sessions for aspiring lay ministers. Try to sign up for the next training session that the parish will schedule. Once your schedule is set, make it a point to make preparations. Consult the parish office on the things that you need to prepare for the training. Make it a point to attend the training seminars regularly. Pay attention to all of the procedures that your trainers will discuss in the training seminar.
  • Sign up for the service. Once a slot for a Eucharistic minister becomes available, make a move to sign up in your parish to serve as a lay minister. You can try to sign up for a year of service initially to test if you are ready to make a commitment. Based on your experience and performance, decide if you are prepared to devote your entire life to the serve of the church. If you feel that you are ready to devote your life to the service of the church, make your commitment in the parish office.

The life of a Eucharistic minister revolves on the church. He must be able to set a good example of a Catholic to the community. If you feel that you are the man for this job, you can use this list as a guide to answering your calling.


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