How To Become a Federal Air Marshal

The Federal Air Marshal Service started in 1968. To ensure safety of passengers, federal air marshals serve as a first line of defense in an aircraft. They are agents who protect the passengers from violence, other criminal misconduct and threats of terrorism. They work hand in hand with other government agencies like National Counterterrorism Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Here are the tips to follow in becoming a federal air marshal:

  • Meet the academic requirements. Applying for a job in the federal government has certain requirements. Be sure to meet these requirements first. One of the requirements is having the proper education. You should at least be a high school graduate. However, obtaining a college degree or reaching college level will give you an edge. Getting education, that major in criminal law and constitutional law is also an advantage. Basic knowledge about the law will familiarize you with the procedures that federal air marshals deal with.
  • Find out if you meet the age requirement. You should be below 40 years of age before the start of your service as a federal air marshal. It is uncommon for the US federal law enforcement agencies to accept applicants that are 40 years of age for vacant positions.
  • Maintain a healthy body. To be efficient and effective in working as a federal air marshal, you should be physically fit. You should have no serious health problem.
  • Get experience. Aside from the training that the Federal Air Marshal Service will provide you, you can gain more training and skills such as practicing in a gun range. When working for the federal government, being good in targeting and gun shooting is a must. Another training to consider is martial arts. As a federal air marshal, you will be dealing with suspects who may be armed or unarmed. Most of these people are aggressive and knowledge about self-defense is an advantage for you.
  • Look for job openings. Check the website of Federal Air Marshal Service and check the job openings. This agency does not seek for new hires all the time. You can also call their office, speak to a human resource personnel and ask for vacancies.
  • Prepare your resume. Make sure that it is updated. Make it a point to recheck the details that are written in it. Gather related documents that may be asked for or will be required in your application. Prepare yourself for the screening process.
  • Undergo the job interview. If the Federal Air Marshal Service wishes to interview you, prepare for it. During the interview, dress up accordingly. Address the interviewer properly and answer his questions as honestly as possible. State all related information that can get your interviewer’s attention.

Before applying for a federal air marshal position, equip yourself with all the needed skills and requirements. If you really want to land the job, understand that there are certain qualifications that you have to meet. Keep on researching and training so that when the right opportunity comes, you are well prepared to take on the job.


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