How To Become a Feng Shui Professional

About 3000 years ago, the Chinese began to practice a system of aesthetics, referred to as Feng Shui, that was believed at the time to use the laws of heaven and earth to help improve one's life. This belief continues today, which has led to the rise of Feng Shui professionals, who apply these old principles to modern life by helping others rearrange their homes and offices to correspond to the laws of Feng Shui. It is actually very easy to become a Feng Shui professional; there currently is neither federal nor state criteria, and therefore no actual license, to become a Feng Shui professional or any other sort of art placement professional.

Dedicate some time to read everything you can about the art of Feng Shui. While the basic principles have not really changed, this is still 3000 years of history to go through, so it may just take some time! Either head to the library or look online for books about both Feng Shui and its history. There are different types of Feng Shui to learn about and reading about all of them will help you determine whether you truly aspire to become a Feng Shui professional or if it is just a passing interest in the subject.

Provided you do indeed wish to become a Feng Shui professional, look for some programs and courses to become certified in the subject. Many schools around the country offer this kind of program in classrooms, but if this is not an option, the internet is always a great second choice. Distance courses and other online training courses are available to anyone with the time to dedicate themselves to it. Also, the certificate you will receive at the completion of the course is always a plus to have on a resume later on.

Because it's easier to claim a professional knowledge of a subject after already obtaining a license is easier than starting fresh and without other credentials, it is recommended that you also become a licensed interior designer. Because Feng Shui is the art of placement and requires placing furniture in a way that abides by the laws of heaven and earth both, this is technically the proper license for you to obtain at any rate.

Once you've established yourself in your position, offer a customer a free Feng Shui consultant gig. Provided you do a good job, you can ask them for a written testimony to add to either a website or whatever medium of advertisement you choose. Get some business cards written up as well to hand out to people, or try posting flyers on store windows.

By joining a professional organization, it is possible to network for clients in addition to learning from other Feng Shui professionals.

Finally, aside from handing out business cards and posting flyers, it is also advisable to advertise in new-age publications. These are the sorts of magazines often being left for a free pick up in new-age churches, grocery stores, or in health food stores. The magazine's main demographic are just the sorts of people who would be interested in having their rooms rearranged to abide by Feng Shui laws.


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