How To Become a Flight Attendant at American Airlines

Flight attendants are considered as the front liners of airline companies. The quality of training that airline companies provide is very important because flight attendants are the ones who handle customers. Whatever service flight attendants provide will reflect on the airline company. Most airline companies let their flight attendants undergo intensive training in public relations to ensure their customer service skills. Working in a large airline company like the American Airlines is being aspired by a lot of flight attendants not only for the prestige and benefits but also for the training that they provide.

Here are the tips on how to become a flight attendant at American Airlines:

  • Visit the homepage of American Airlines. Browse the site and check for the career opportunities available that they are offering. Check on the requirements that are needed to make a job application. If you cannot access American Airline’s website or if you wish to talk to their personnel, you may call their office. Have your questions listed on a piece of paper to avoid missing your other concerns. Make sure to take down all the important information that the personnel will provide.
  • Prepare your resume. Make sure that it is updated. Be sure that all relevant information are there and that all details are clear and concise. You may also attach a cover letter on your resume to make your application more formal. This will make a good impression on the human resource personnel in charge of hiring.
  • Visit the airlines for a courtesy call. American Airlines may ask you to visit their office to have a face-to-face interview. Make sure that you are well prepared for the interview. Be well dressed so that you can make a good impression on your interviewer. Be polite in addressing the people on the office -- from the receptionist to all the office personnel you will meet on your way to your interview. When the interview begins, listen carefully to the questions. Make it a point to answer the interviewer honestly. Do not forget to mention details that are relevant to your application as a flight attendant especially your experiences.
  • The application process may take time. Patiently wait for the entire process to finish and avoid calling up the company too many times to follow up on your application status. Just keep your phone line open and wait for their call. If you pass, they will be giving you more instruction on the next step of the application process. Follow them thoroughly.

As a flight attendant, there are traits that you should develop. There are trainings that will be conducted and provided by American Airlines but be aware of the basic things that you need to know. A good flight attendant is friendly, cheerful and sensitive to the customers’ needs. You will encounter passengers who might be irate; you should know how to handle situations like this because this is a common scenario when you work in an airline company. Prepare yourself by researching and asking other flight attendants on what to expect.


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