How To Become a Food Runner

When dining at any given restaurant, some people find themselves fascinated with the way they see people running around with the hot plates of food, gracing the floor with precision and seemingly with ease as they fail to drop any of the plates or a single drop of food. This leads some of these people to aspire becoming one of these people, to achieve that level of finesse and perfection that it takes to become a food runner. Food runners also have the responsibility of refilling glasses of water and sometimes bringing bread as an appetizer before the entree. It is a relatively easy task to become a food runner, but to be successful at it takes a bit of skill.

The first thing that will need to be done is complete high school or a GED program. Some restaurants may not require a diploma in order for you to become a food runner, but most will most likely require some sort of basic education. The management of a restaurant prefer an education perhaps because they want to feel reassured that they are not hiring someone to become a food runner who can't grasp simple concepts such as delivering food to diners.

Next, prepare a professional looking resume. It will look much better on your behalf if you have some previous food industry experience to speak of, even if this includes the fast food field. Should a manager contact you and ask you to come in for an interview, then congratulations! While this is a very good thing, do not by any means assume this means you have already gotten the job and that the interview is merely a formality. Dress appropriately and don your best smile. Act politely and you should come across no problems in becoming a food runner.

Sometimes it can be pretty nerve wrecking to think about dealing with and talking to the public, but this can be resolved by honing your verbal skills. Try taking a course in speech or practice speaking at home with family and friends. You should also be prepared to encounter a small bit of heavy lifting, particularly with heavy trays of food being brought out to many people during long dinner hours, sometimes during a rush. Try maintaining a regular workout to help your upper body strength.

Another helpful idea is to ask your manager what kind of shoes are acceptable to wear. Based on the response, you should take it upon yourself to shop around and find yourself the best and comfortable pair of shoes. After all, you will definitely be on your feet all night, so you might as well be comfortable while doing so!

To reiterate, it's pretty simple to become a food runner. It just takes patience and a small amount of skill.


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