How To Become a Football Coach

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Football is a competitive and thrilling sport that many kids play while in their childhood and teenage years.  As time goes on, however, many people find that they still love the game of football yet don’t know how to continue on with the sport.  If you are looking to add football back into your life, coaching may be just the thing for you.

To become a football coach, you first need to brush up on the rules of the sport.  Watch football games and read books or online sources about football.  Coaching is different than playing, so it’s important to be familiar with the rules and regulations of the sport.

Volunteering certainly goes a long way when wanting to become a football coach.  Volunteering exposes you to the right people, whether it be the coaches or football players.  Start by volunteering at youth football leagues in your area.  If possible, volunteer for a team that you are familiar with, such as one that your child or nephew is on.

Furthermore, many high school football teams require their coaches to volunteer for at least one year before they can accept a football coaching position.  Volunteer positions are usually easy to find, as many teams just want coaches who will be dedicated to their players.

To make yourself more desirable at the high school and middle school levels, it is best to have an education in a related field of study, such as a bachelor’s degree in physical education or sports medicine.  This background and experience in sports will help you to land a job coaching football, while making you more confident in your ability to coach and mediate.

You should check with your state to see if you need a certificate to coach at the high school and middle school levels.  In order to get this certification, you must take and pass a class that is provided by the state.  The only people who do not have to take this class to coach at the high school and middle school levels are teachers, since the state recognizes teachers as being certified to coach.

Another way to help you become a football coach is to seek out local high schools and middle schools that have openings for part-time coaching positions.  These positions can give you a lot of exposure in coaching, while learning from head coaches.  As a new season starts, part-time coaches are often offered full-time coaching positions.

Finally, expand your horizons and challenge yourself to design game plans.  Attend sports clinics that help you to improve your game-play techniques and strategies.  You will also meet other coaches at sports clinics that can offer useful tools and coaching advice, as well as expose you to a variety of coaching opportunities.


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