How To Become a Forest Technician

A forest technician is an individual who performs assessments and takes inventory of current forest conditions.  A forest technician’s main responsibility is to survey each tree within a forest, and to determine if there are any significant health concerns which could be detrimental to either the forest or animals within.  Becoming a forest technician is ideal for someone who is interested in saving our country's wooded land.  Forest technicians are required to get some technical education, but advanced education is not required.  This article will give you steps and hints on how to become a forest technician.
The first step in how to become a forest technician is to get the proper education.  After you have completed high school, you should attend a technical or community college which offers degree concentrations in forestry management.  Forestry management coursework includes taking classes that teach surveying techniques, surveying software, as well as forestry health related issues.  While in school for forestry management, you should attempt to get an internship with your state’s parks department where you can shadow a forest technician.  With an internship you will gain valuable experience which will be an advantage when you are applying for forest technician jobs.

After graduation from your technical college, you will need to pass your state’s civil service examination which is often required to become a forest technician.  The civil service examination will prove your knowledge of forestry, and will prove to your state’s parks department that you are qualified to be a forest technician.
After you have passed your state’s civil service examination and are qualified to be a forest technician, the next step in how to become a forest technician is to get a job and start your career.  There are a number of options where you can be a forest technician.  You should consider working for a non-profit advocacy group.  Forest technicians assist non-profit advocacy groups by assessing research usage and studying forest areas to determine the health of the forest and its inhabitants.
Another career path to consider when wondering how to become a forest technician is to work for a private lumber company.  Lumber companies hire forest technicians to help assess forest land and to determine which trees would be most beneficial to meet a client’s needs.
Another popular career choice for forest technicians is to work for the United States Forestry Service.  Achieving a position with this organization takes years of successful experience, but is a great opportunity.  This office works with state parks departments to help determine steps needed to take to help protect preserved forest land.  Many forest technicians who work for the United States Forestry Service work directly for national parks. 


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