How To Become a Funeral Attendant

The journey to becoming a funeral attendant is not as difficult as some very demanding professions, but the overall requirements and time it takes can be quite substantial. Although this job does not take place in an exciting or happy manner, the reward of being able to comfort and counsel saddened individuals for the loss of a loved one can make all the difference. Duties that must be performed by a funeral attendant include filing death certificates, putting together funeral ceremonies and coordinating the combination of a difficult time for people and gathering them together.

Many high-end community colleges offer programs that specialize in funeral services. Doing research online to find these schools can make this process substantially easier and much faster as schools often have this information posted for everyone to see. Because these programs are not offered in every city, the desire to become a funeral attendant must be very strong if moving out of the city is required to participate in the program.

Beginning the career path of a funeral attendant can be performed by studying in a difference field at first. Embalming is an excellent field for anyone just starting their campaign and will allow for an easy opportunity of moving up to a funeral attendant. While the information learned in the studies of embalming does not necessarily affect the duties that will be performed, being familiar with the work that is done in a funeral home is always beneficial for informational purposes as well as obtaining the funeral attendant position.

Maintaining a good driving record is an important requirement because one of the many responsibilities of this profession includes driving hearses, passenger vehicles and even mortuary vans. Although this will not be an everyday occurrence, being unable to provide a positive driving record could mean the difference between getting the funeral attendant job or not.

Funeral attendants do not have steady schedules where they can prepare to work from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. This job actually requires working late nights and weekends, being on call constantly in case of an emergency. This can be a huge deciding factor for people looking to become a funeral attendant because being feeling strapped down can be very frustrating.

Several traits that are great to have as a funeral attendant include being organized with time and paying attention to details. Assisting in the preparation of the body, arranging flowers and cleaning parlors are some of the duties that require a knack for these traits. Acting professional and being courteous to everyone including mourners is vital and requires a great amount of sympathy and discretion to perform everyday on the job. Last but not least, communication is very important in becoming a successful and great funeral attendant as tough conversations will need to be handled on a regular basis. In the end, becoming a funeral attendant is an emotional rollercoaster ride, but being able to control those emotions and help bereaved individuals mourn and recover can make for great compensation.


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