How To Become a Game Warden

A job as a game warden can be a very fulfilling career if you are one who loves the outdoors and nature. A game warden is responsible for enforcing the laws surrounding hunting and fishing, protecting wildlife, and collecting wildlife data.

The training required for this field varies from state to state.  Though a college degree is not required for some states, it does help to give one a better advantage over someone without an education.  Education requirements can range from having a 2 year associate degree or a 4 year bachelor’s degree.  If one knows during his high school years that this is the career path he wants to take, then it is beneficial to take a lot of science courses and/or animal management courses.  Many high schools offer students a chance to job shadow and this would be a great experience for the student to find someone in the wildlife field who would allow job shadowing.  Also important is to find volunteer positions at a national or local park.  Any experience one can find at the high school level is important.

Every state has its own requirements for obtaining a position in this field such as age and education requirements.  It is important to update yourself on what these qualifications are.  There are a few different degrees one can obtain to pursue a career as a game warden and some of them include a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Environmental Sciences, Wildlife Management, and Criminal Justice.   While a 4 year degree is beneficial, sometimes employers will overlook that for someone with a 2 year degree and a few years experience.

The role of a game warden is many.  They are required to be physically fit, confident, a lover of nature and animals, and a law enforcer.  Oftentimes, one will have to enforce hunting or fishing laws, look into poaching, and seize equipment being used illegally. They even play a role in searching for missing persons or helping to control wild animals that may appear in campsites or residential neighborhoods.  Game wardens also act as educators.  They sponsor educational programs for school students, programs for campers at local parks, and they are involved in offering courses for hunters and trappers to obtain their hunting licenses.

A job as a game warden can be achieved at the state or local levels.  Most employment will be found at national or local parks helping to maintain a smooth flowing relationship between the wildlife present and the frequent park visitors.  Though jobs are not abundant, there is a steady opportunity of employment available.  Being diversified in your experience and education while being willing to start from the bottom and work your way up will give you an advantage over other applicants.


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