How To Become a Game Warden in Tennessee

Game wardens, also known as fish and game wardens, are responsible for protecting and enforcing fishing and wildlife laws. In America, game wardens are law enforcers employed and deployed at the federal level.  

If you want to uphold the law while protecting nature at the same time, becoming a game warden in Tennessee may work for you. Below are the steps on what you can do to achieve this.

  • Research on the duties involved. As a law enforcer, you should understand that it is expected of a game warden to ensure that the laws and regulations governing wildlife, fishes, and the environment are respected. It includes patrolling wildlife areas, inspecting local commercial operations, issuing permits for hunting, and undertaking trainings for the safety of hunting parties. A warden can issue citations or warnings and can arrest individuals who are deliberately breaking the law. Make sure that you understand these tasks and you’re sure that you’re a nature advocate before applying for this job.
  • Enroll and get a degree to become a game warden. There is no specific degree to make you a game warden but there are course requirements, and you need to finish at least two years in college. If you do not have these, you have to study first. The courses you can take include those related to biological science, zoology and police work. Other useful courses are ecology, math and physical education. However, if you wish to be a federal employee, you need to have a degree in Biology and Criminology.
  • Process your application. Write to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and request for an application form and a list of requirements. You must be at least 21 years old to be eligible.
  • Prepare. You need to take and pass examinations about law enforcement, environmental conservation and habits, ecology and statistical data of fishes and wildlife, among others. However, theory and knowledge alone will not suffice. Get physically fit and improve your resistance to excessive heat and cold. You must have the energy to lift a dead deer from the road, and launch or lift a small boat. Physical test on vision (20/40 without corrective lenses and 20/30 with corrective lenses), hearing, drugs and physical endurance must be passed by applicant. The TWRA administers these exams. If you pass, you will be qualified for an oral interview.
  • Be a game warden cadet.  Eight-week training at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy must be completed as a cadet. Since the duties and responsibilities of game wardens differ from state to state, starting as a cadet will help you get familiarized with local and state practices. You’ll learn of your responsibilities, as well as strategies, laws, and regulations. You’ll be awarded with a Civil Service status and you can start applying as a full-pledged game warden after completing a 12 month probationary period from the end of the training.

Becoming a game warden in Tennessee can be a highly fulfilling job especially for nature lovers. In addition, being one opens up other opportunities for career growth like becoming a patrol lieutenant, patrol captain or patrol inspector.


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