How To Become a Golf Schools Instructor

What is more exciting than to becoming the next Tiger Woods? The answer? Creating the next Tiger Woods generation! You can only do this by becoming a golf school instructor. But before you can be one of the golf instructors in your favorite golf academy or golf clinics, you need first to be trained and prepared as a golf schools instructor.

Just as regular teaching involves creating lessons, instructions, short quizzes, and so on, you also need to study how to be one of the professional golf instructors. Of course, that already includes knowing how to create golf lessons and other regular knowledge that a teacher should know.

Here is a checklist to becoming a golf academy or golf schools instructor:

  1. Learn as much knowledge as you can about golfing. Being a golf instructor starts from your interest in golfing. You can never teach something that you have no interest in. So, use that interest to learn about golfing on your own. You can do this by reading 101 lessons on golfing, watching golf games, or playing golf yourself. Remember, as an instructor, people expect that your knowledge and skills are far more advanced than your soon-to-be golf students.
  2. Be a certified golf instructor. Like doctors and other licensed professionals, you can only prove that you are competent enough to teach golf by getting certified. Organizations similar to Professional Golf Teachers Associate of America ( certify golf instructors. Other organizations similar to the PGTAA have almost the same certification rules. It is best that you know how you will get certified by a certain organization and make sure that this organization is reputable enough to be recognized by golf academy or golf clinics.
  3. Get formal education on being a golf instructor. You will need money for the golf tuition for this. But rest assured that the golf tuition you will invest in will be a great help for you to be a certified instructor. Jim McLean Golf Schools ( offers a course for people who want to become golf instructors. The requirements are a resume, passed certification tests, and attendance to meetings and trainings. This school certifies professional golf instructors as well. The golf tuition here is so far $2,950. You may look for other schools with cheaper tuition fees. Expect your other options to be as expensive as the McLean School, however, considering the benefits of being a golf schools instructor.
  4. Apply as a golf instructor. After getting all the knowledge and training you need and getting certification, it is time for you to apply as a golf instructor. Sometimes, you have to showcase your talents. This will be as easy as a beach vacation for you especially if you enjoy golfing. Most clinics and academy will require you to do a demo teaching lesson. Show off your skills because this will be your time to convince them that you can really do it.

There are so many benefits if you will be a golf instructor. You get to know high-profile people and your family can sometimes use the amenities of the golf clinic by just creating a competitive golf lesson. Your job in golf schools will be like a beach vacation for your family. Add to that the short hours yet high-compensating job as a teacher. Now, that is not only exciting but also a very enjoyable way to earn some for a living.


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