How To Become a Good Baby-Sitter

It’s often difficult to entrust children with total strangers, no matter what the circumstances are. However, when parents absolutely need to be somewhere important, and the kids need to be left at home, the services of a baby-sitter would come in handy.

In these situations, parents would still want to leave children under the care and supervision of a very responsible and able person. A parent doesn’t want to leave and then come back home only to find the house in a mess, and all the kids having stomach aches because of too much candy. A baby-sitter should be someone responsible enough to take charge of things while the parents are away.

So here is a checklist of the things a good baby-sitter should know to be hired for the job.

  • Be punctual. You would want to make a good impression on your first day. Potential clients or employers might view tardiness as a sign of untrustworthiness.
  • Feel free to ask questions. Ask where to find things, especially important ones, like the first aid kit, and the like. Ask what the children’s routines are and what the parents specifically want to be done, and at what time.
  • Keep in touch. Make sure you have a list of the parents’ numbers and emergency numbers. Be ready to store them in your mobile phone as well.
  • Do a house-check. Make sure that the house is child-proofed. For example, there shouldn’t be any pointed objects hanging around, and no hazardous liquids within easy reach of the children. You’d want to keep the children alive and not let the house set on fire by the time the parents get back.
  • Make sure doors are locked. It’s important to keep the kids in at least one place at a time to make sure they are under careful watch at all times.
  • Play fun games and do creative activities with the children. If they are busy and are all in one room, this will actually already be hitting two birds with one stone. Not only are you being good at your baby-sitting job but you are also preventing them from getting into accidents and injury if they are all just busy with art and fun activities.
  • Know basic first aid. For example, it would be a good idea to learn how to do CPR to kids and babies. If for any reason an emergency occurrs and you can’t get in contact with either of the parents nor the emergency numbers that were provided, it will be very good if you knew how to do CPR. Always be ready for the worst case scenario. Be prepared. Know how to do basic first aid as well.
  • Connect with the child. Contribute to the child’s psychological and emotional growth by simply talking to them in a nice way, not using vulgar or harsh words to them or around them, listening to what they are saying and helping them do what they want to do. After all, you wouldn’t be there if not for them.

Baby sitting is work that requires responsibility and the establishment of rapport between you and your ward. Learn how to work within the rules, and you would e a good baby sitter.


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