How To Become a Gothic Model

Gothic is term that has been stereotyped as dark, scary, and mysterious.  It has also been associated with vampires and things that go bump in the night.  But, it does not always have such a dark connotation; as a matter of fact, there is a sensual, sexy, and alluring quality that has not been fully explored.  The gothic community is a culture of sensitive and intelligent individuals with a unique style that goes unfettered by the disapproving glances of the masses.  It is a world that promotes self-identity, and applauds the courage it takes to sometimes be seen as an outcast.

The Goths have a talent for dressing and preparing makeup that could easily be considered works of art.  They combine a historical mix of clothing through the ages to enhance their appearances and combine it with makeup artistry unmatched by Hollywood artists.  In order to appreciate the magnitude of the talent, one must submerge oneself into the practices and events hosted by this underground community.

Now, let's say you are a member of the gothic movement or would like follow that way of life, what better way to celebrate than to become a gothic model.  Never thought about being a model of a gothic genre?  Why not? Modeling for the gothic community would open up the chance for you to fully emerge into the gothic dress and makeup styles.

Follow the advice listed here to explore the possibilities of becoming a gothic model.

  1. First, it helps to have tattoos or piercings.
  2. Colored hair (pink, blue, or purple) adds some dimension to your look.
  3. Dark makeup is key to the facial part of gothic modeling, including dark nail polish.
  4. Decide what type of gothic model you wish to be: dark gothic or punk gothic.
  5. You do not need to be skinny and/or tall.
  6. An overall alternative look is vital to becoming a gothic model.
  7. Check for local gothic modeling events, fashion shows, and Goth clubs to sign up.
  8. Know what looks good on you; flaunt your very best attributes.
  9. Take some photographs to build a portfolio, you may be asked to show images.
  10. Register at Gothic Model websites for exposure to casting directors and gothic modeling agencies.  To start you off, why not try 'Wicked Talent' modeling and networking agency or H.V Quenzer Agency.  Grab some popular Goth Magazines such as 'Gothic Beauty' or 'Alt Fashion', these mags cover information from the US and the UK.
  11. Always be aware of scams and traps.  Do not pay anyone for new portfolio shots.
  12. You need to dress the part so make sure your clothes are black, possibly varied materials (vinyl, lace, and latex), and accessorize with safety pins or other Goth-like items (silver jewelry).

Best of luck on your excursion to becoming a gothic model!


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