How To Become a Home-Based Administrative Assistant

Becoming an administrative assistant at home will save you money, time, transportation, dry cleaning bills and clothing. The assistants are hired to make sure that business information is properly handled and to make sure that the office is organized.

Home-based assistants today are in demand because the companies hire more home based workers than office workers. Tips on how to become a home-based administrative assistant:

  • Have the programs required on your computer to handle your office duties. If you do not have an electronic spreadsheet or a word processing program on your computer, begin downloading them on the net and install them. You can also borrow these installers from your friends and relatives.
  • Set up your work place. Your room can be considered as a work place because it is usually more peaceful and relaxing there. A good place of work can reduce the stress that you feel while working.
  • Decide if you are going to work full time or part time. This is why home-based administrative assistant are flexible regarding their "office hours." When working full time you can't select a working schedule for you. When working part time, you can decide the working hours that suits you. Part time employment is good when you have children to take care off. In part time employment, you can work with different companies with different time tables. This means extra income for you.
  • Choose if you will focus your work for one company or if you will do contract work. If you wish to focus on one company, coordinate your working schedule with that of the company you're working with. The company that needs an assistant may book you completely and keep you busy. For contract workers, decide on the type of pay and the rate of pay; it could be per hour, per project or per day. Let the companies know that you are available to be their home-based assistant when trying to pursue contract assignments. Try to get referrals from your previous employers and look for home-based administrative assistant jobs in the local newspaper and magazines. Look at the classified ads page.
  • Browse the World Wide Web to explore job listings regarding home-based administrative assistants. The internet is a good source of information for this particular job. Sign in or register if you find an application form that offers the job that you want.
  • Prove to your clients that you deserve to be hired as their home-based administrative assistant. If your work is good, they may use it as an example for other workers in the office. Call or email them if you want to do more work. This will make you a reliable assistant.

It is more peaceful working at home; it's certainly better than working in a busy, stressful office. It is true that working at home can feel awkward at first because you cannot see your boss, which leads to the temptation to waste time surfing the web or watching the television. But once you get used to it, the benefits far outweigh the costs, and you should seriously consider giving it a shot.


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