How To Become a Hotel Manager

The travel industry is a booming and entertaining field.  Perhaps the most challenging position in the industry is that of the hotel manager.  These skilled professionals essentially control the day-to-day operations of the hotel.  Hotel mangers may have the most varied skill set among managers in any field.  The daily challenges of dealing with a 100- to 1,000-room facility is one of the most difficult and most rewarding challenges a person can undertake.  Hotel managers are counselors for their employees, advisors for their guests, decorators for their lobbies and rooms, and accountants for the bookkeeping of the facility.  And that may just be what they do on Monday!

Becoming a hotel manger takes years of experience.  Most colleges and universities now offer degrees in hotel management.  Taking up hotel management as a major is not a bad place to start.  However, just paying for an education in the field is not enough.  As everyone knows, being book smart is not the same as having real-world experience, especially in this industry; things in a facility with three hundred guests rarely go exactly according to plan.  Think of all the problems you may encountered when traveling - lots of people have asked to see the manager to address one problem or another; chances are you've had to do this yourself.

Bear that in mind hotel managers often start as desk clerks or guest service representatives in hotels.  Some managers work their way up through promotions.  Any college graduates seeking a career as a hotel manager should work in a hotel at some point during their education - not only to gain experience, but also to apply what they are learning in a real life setting.

Hotel managers are responsible for the experiences of everyone in the hotel at any given time.  This level of responsibility can be very stressful at times for a hotel manager.  This person is responsible not just for customer and employee satisfaction, but for guest and employee safety as well.  Therefore these professionals tend to be fairly well-rounded people.  These are people who love to make guests happy, and know how to keep employees happy and well informed.

The next time you are in a hotel, take a few minutes to talk with the manager.  You will be surprised that they will take the time to chat with you and help you discover more about their world.  After all, these are the people with the experience.


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