How To Become a House Painter

Becoming a house painter is not difficult, but there are some things to think about before starting down this road.  First you must determine if you are cut out to be a painter.  House painters work long hours doing detailed work.  Painting often involves climbing ladders and working in uncomfortable positions.  If you have back trouble, knee problems, arthritis, or if you are afraid of heights, this job may not be for you.

If becoming a house painter is meant to be your line of work, then it’s time to decide whether you plan to start your own painting business or if you simple want to find house painter employment.  Getting hired by a painting company is relatively easy.  Exterior house painters are always in demand.  The work is seasonal in climates that receive snow during the winter, so you’ll need a backup source of income during the slow months.  Interior painting can be done year-round, so most painting businesses offer both interior and exterior painting services to keep them busy all year.

If you wish to begin your own painting business, there are more steps involved to getting started.  You must register with the city or county in which your business will be located, and you must obtain from them a contractor’s license.  The license number of your business must be displayed for all customers and potential customers to see, in case they have a complaint against your business.

Next you will need to register your business name with your state, filing as a sole proprietor under your social security number, or filing as an LLC or incorporation using a tax identification number.  A search will be performed at this time to see if any other businesses exist in your state with the same name.  If so, you’ll be required to alter the business name or choose an entirely different name.  Do not confuse this process with trade-marking your business name.  Trademarks must be obtained from the U.S Patent and Trademark office.

Your next step in becoming a house painter will be to obtain marketing materials and the necessary tools to operate your painting business.  A business loan may be needed if you do not have any start-up capital.  Most local banks offer small business loans.  A line of business credit may also be extended to you when you open a business checking account with your bank.

Marketing your painting business may be the hardest part in your quest to be a house painter.  Advertising dollars can be easily wasted if you are not a careful marketer.  Start slowly with a free online classified ad, or pay a small fee to advertise in a local newsletter or newspaper.  Word of mouth advertising may be enough to get you started.  Hand out business cards to family members and friends, and be sure to place a magnetic sign on your vehicle so you will always have a traveling billboard that tells the world about your house painting business.


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