How To Become a LAN Manager

LAN Managers are involved in the technical and managerial aspects of a network. Here are the simple steps for you to become a LAN Manager.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree on Computer Science.
Becoming a LAN manager would entail for you to have a solid knowledge of how a network is developed and built. You would also have to be able to grasp the theory behind allocating client to server computing and file system technicalities in a network.

Ensure that you take classes specific to improving your Ethernet expertise. This would include your knowledge of wiring and swapping of hardware in a network.

Earn a course on Business Management
Since you are going to become a LAN Manager, this job would involve strategic planning of how the network would grow to be. This would lead you, being the LAN Manager, to create materials for support, procedures and templates in making sure that the network is fully maintained and managed.

Included in the LAN Manager’s job description is the capability to produce weekly reports that involves cites metrics, tactics to do to improve the site metrics. This weekly report could also include strategic plans and cost of projects to be implemented on a site so taking a course on Business Management would greatly help you with this job.

3. Practice your theories and get a first hand experience in managing a network.

Employers would require that the aspiring LAN Manager have at least one to three years of work experience in managing a network. Some will even ask for more than ten years of experience but this is quite an easy task to accomplish. What you need to do is to get an internship while still learning your courses. Ensure that your will get enough practice and exposure dealing with networking. Available internships that you could try out is becoming a Network Administrator or a Network Technician.

Network Technicians are the ones involved in setting up the network’s infrastructure and are in charge of installing the needed hardware or software that is used by the networked computers. Network Administrators are the ones involved in overseeing that the LAN connection is working smoothly and without hiccups. They make certain that computers are connected to the server and are able to receive or send information to and from computers.

You can also opt to take your theories into practice at home. This is by setting up and creating a Local Area Network connection in your very home. Doing so will enable you to practice freely without the pressure of doing everything correctly the first time, unlike when you are being observed or monitored at work. You will be able to troubleshoot your hardware easily and copiously.

With experience in network computing, preferably for at least a year or two, you are sure to have a bigger opportunity of bagging the position of a LAN Manager.


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