How To Become a Landscape Designer

If you are a creative person, and want a new and interesting challenge, why not explore the world of landscape design. It is a new field, and one that is poised to grow immensely in the future.  If you want to be a part of this exciting career, and make quite a lot of money in the process, certain steps must be taken. Here is how to become a landscape designer.

  1. First off, realize that landscape architecture is very difficult, both mentally and physically. You may be hired to build something as small as a koi pond, or as complex as the gardens to a multi-million dollar mansion. Either way, this work is highly specialized, and can be quite stressful.
  2. If you decide you still want to learn how to become a landscape designer, you're next step needs to be finding a college, or university that offers a landscape architecture program. These schools are few and far between. When you do find a school that seems to fit all of your needs, geographically and financially, research it well. You may also want to look into online programs as an alternative. Make sure that this school is accredited, and read about its curriculum.
  3. Whichever scholastic route you choose, make sure that you get a good amount of real world experience. Explore the world of gardening, and planting. Maybe even start a flower garden of your own. This will help you when you are faced with the challenges that lie ahead.
  4. After you have finished your schooling, it is time to become a licensed landscape designer. To obtain the license you must pass the Landscape Architect Registration Examination, or LARE. The successful completion of this exam is required to become a licensed architect in 45 out of the 50 states.
  5. After you have received LARE certification you can either take one of two paths to become a landscape designer. The first is becoming an intern. This is the better of the two options because you will gain valuable experience under the tutelage of a seasoned professional, and you can also meet and greet many of his or her clients. The second option is to jump in feet first, and begin your own landscape architecture firm. This will definitely be more challenging, and you may have to struggle to succeed.

Whichever path you choose, becoming a landscape architect can be a mentally and financially rewarding experience. Enjoy your time in the sun, and create something truly beautiful.  With regard to educational preparation for the field, it may benefit you to take a look at online art and design colleges. This could be especially helpful if you would like a more basic knowledge of design before you enter a landscape-specific program.


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