How To Become a Las Vegas Showgirl

If glamour and glitz are what you want, then life as a Las Vegas showgirl may be your calling.  Yet, the role of a Las Vegas showgirl is so much more than just a glamorous and glitzy lifestyle.  It demands hard work, patience, endurance, and dedication.  It requires one to be focused solely on dancing and it requires one to be resilient.

To become a Las Vegas showgirl, a tremendous amount of dancing instruction is needed.  Training should start when a girl is young and has the opportunity to enroll in numerous dance classes.  Learning to dance in many different styles is what makes one dancer stand out from another.  Dancing requires the discipline a showgirl needs and it is best if a dancer learns discipline at a young age and can carry it forward in her life.

A very specific asset that makes one showgirl stand out from another is her resume.  It should include all years of dance instruction, the styles of dance learned, performances she may have participated in, dance schools she attended, and her previous employment.  Just as important as the stand-out resume is a stand-out performance.   The job opportunities are there if one is an experienced dancer and that is why it is essential to list all past employment history. The best jobs available will usually go to the women who have prior showgirl experience.  For one just starting out, since employment may not be as prominent, it is important to focus on dancing skill and trying to get your foot in the door.

A showgirl must be physically fit as well as mentally fit.  Dancing requires a tremendous amount of energy and physical stamina.  It is important to be as physically fit as possible by working out every day, watching the diet, and exercising.  One must be mentally fit for the job due to the high number of rejections one will receive when auditioning for parts.  There are many showgirl jobs available but there are also many talented and qualified individuals competing for these jobs.  A showgirl must be resilient in her auditions.  It is easy to get discouraged during auditions but it is important to be able to overcome the disappointment and move on to the next audition.

Aside from the hard work of learning dance routines and endless practices, a showgirl must learn to adorn the heavy, ‘out-of-this-world’ costumes and the heavily applied make-up.  She must do all this while learning to dance in high-heeled shoes with a smile on her face.   For many, this type of dedication is well worth it.  The wages of a showgirl vary with the experience of the woman and the show being performed.  The bigger and more famous shows will attract a higher wage for the performers.


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