How To Become a Lawyer in Canada

Lawyers play a very important role in Canadian society.  To become a lawyer in Canada, the requirements are very similar to those of the United States and other countries.  This article will give you tips and step on how to become a lawyer in Canada.

The first thing you need to do to become a lawyer in Canada is complete an undergraduate bachelor’s degree.  The focus of your bachelor’s degree can vary, but it will be important for you to develop critical reasoning skills, writing skills, and reading skills.  If you know what field of law you want to go into, you may want to curtail your undergraduate education to meet that field.  For example, if you want to go into real estate law, then a real estate focus may be helpful.  Since getting into a top law school is very competitive, you should do your best to get good grades.

The next step you will need to complete is to take the LSAT.  You may need to take this multiple times, as each Canadian law school will have a required LSAT score.  The best law schools require higher LSAT scores.  Depending on when you want to enter law school, you may be taking the LSAT prior to graduating from you undergraduate school.

BusinessmanOnce you are done with the LSAT, you will need to apply to various law schools.  If you have an area of focus in mind, you should consider schools which are well regarded in that area of focus.  In law school, you should continue to get good grades, and in your free time it will look good to potential employers if you volunteer or work at a law firm during the summer months.

After completing law school, the next step in becoming a lawyer in Canada is passing the Canadian Bar Exam.  The bar exam is managed by your province, and you must contact the Bar Association in your province to take the exam.  If you have already passed the bar in the United States, and want to transfer to and practice law in Canada, you can also take the Canadian Bar Exam.

Once you have passed the Canadian Bar Exam, the last step in how to become a lawyer in Canada is to finish off some final licensing requirements.  These include meeting residency requirements, taking and ethics exam, and paying a licensing fee.  Once these are complete, you are fully prepared and licensed to practice law in you Canadian province.

At this point, you can select from any number of legal fields.  Available fields include litigation, contract law, tax law, and environmental law.  Carefully examine your firm prior to accepting a position.  Be sure to understand what your responsibilities and compensation will be.


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