How To Become a Leader Who Coaches Effectively

A good leader is someone who can effectively guide and motivate those whom he or she leads.  In a corporation or any group, a leader is the person everyone relies on to accomplish the organization's goals. For this to happen, he needs to coach and guide the members of the group on how to effectively accomplish their tasks.  Here are a few tips on how to become a leader that coaches effectively:

  1. Determine the specific skills, talents, and interests of everyone in the group in terms of the job that needs to be done. Along with these, you must also be familiar with every person's weaknesses so you can assign tasks according to their strengths.
  2. If you do not have anyone on board who have the skills needed to get the job done, you need to train someone to do it. Choose someone with a fast learning curve so you can accomplish things in record time. A good leader must always be ready to help improve their teammates' skills.
  3. Create a comfortable and non-threatening environment at work so that employees and staffers feel comfortable working, expressing their opinions, and asking for assistance.
  4. Make clear parameters and deadlines for completion of the project. A good leader must also make his expectations clear so that each member does not waste time doing tasks that fall short of what is needed. It makes it harder for employees to work if they are not given any specifications so make sure you express this at the very start.
  5. Make sure your deadlines for your employees are set ahead of the project's actual due date, so you can still make room for any changes.
  6. Periodically check on the progress and quality of your team members by holding weekly meetings or asking for daily updates. Offer any assistance if needed.
  7. Always ask your team if they have any questions about the job, and make sure they have an avenue where they can express any concerns.
  8. Don't talk down to your teammates. Treat everyone as though they are an equal. This will make them more at ease about asking for clarifications or questions.
  9. Remember that effective communication also requires good listening skills. Listen to your employees' concerns and suggestions. They may come up with solutions on how to get things done more effectively. Part of being a good leader is learning from their teammates too.
  10. Let your teammates learn from your example. Work as hard as they do and be the best example of a good worker as you can be. If your teammates notice that you say one thing but do another, your credibility will be reduced to zero. And without credibility, they will not take you seriously. If that happens, any advice you'll be giving will be forgotten once the meeting is over.

Success is a difficult thing to measure but once you have won the respect and loyalty of your team and get the job done on time, it's a sign that shows that you are an effective leader who can teach and motivate your employees to be the best they can.


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