How To Become a Licensed House Painter

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Color enhances the beauty of all houses.  People who would like to become a licensed house painter will not only add beauty to homes, but also to the communities where these homes are located.  Painting homes can be a rewarding career financially and personally for the licensed house painter.  By following a few simple instructions, a person can accomplish his ultimate goal of becoming a licensed house painter.

All persons who wish to become a licensed house painter must contact their state's business licensing division to obtain licensing information.  Requirements vary by state.  Many states require the passing of an examination before a license is granted.  If an exam is required, the future licensed house painter should prepare by obtaining studying material.  They can either study by themselves, or meet with colleagues to study.   After the exam is passed and the license is obtained to become a licensed house painter, insurance must be purchased.  The insurance is to cover costs from any accidents that occur while the painter is working.

During the process of becoming a licensed house painter, the professional must decide whether he desires to specialize in interior or exterior house painting.  There are different training paths for each; therefore, a decision must be made.  However, a painter can choose to specialize in both if he prefers.  Once a decision is made, the type of tools needed to complete a painting job can be determined.  If a person becomes an interior licensed house painter, he should purchase a small ladder to be used indoors. It must be tall enough to reach high ceilings.  If a person becomes an exterior house painter, he will need both ladders and scaffolds that can reach tall buildings.  These ladders need to be very sturdy, so that the licensed house painter has a low risk of accidentally falling.  There are also different types of paint that need to be purchased for interior and exterior walls.   Of course different color paint and different size paint brushes must be purchased.

Prior to becoming a licensed house painter, a person should familiarize himself with the costs associated with purchasing equipment and supplies.  This information will aid in the calculations of prices that will be charged to the customer.  Also, a licensed house painter will need to know how much to charge a customer for labor.  It may be a good idea for a new licensed house painter to work with a professional that has been in the business for a great number of years.  He can than learn how to calculate the prices he should charge before he goes into business for himself.  Painters do not want to make the mistake of undercharging or overcharging their clients.  Working with an experienced licensed house painter will alleviate mistakes.


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