How To Become a Lingerie Model

When people hear the term lingerie model, perhaps the first thing that comes to their minds is when a girl poses for a calendar half nude and posing provocatively on the top of a car or a motorcycle. Contrary to popular belief, this is not always what a lingerie model does; in fact, when one looks to become a lingerie model, they have the option to request not to schedule these sorts of shoots. Becoming a lingerie model could simply mean taking a close up photo of some undergarments to put on the box they package the item in.

If you are not already in the best shape possible, that is the first thing that will need to be done. If possible, gather the money necessary to hire a personal trainer, as he or she will know how to quickly get you into good shape while not resorting to unhealthy methods. Remember that a healthy weight varies based on your height and body shape and that becoming a lingerie model means always looking your best.

There are a couple of other types of professionals that will be necessary to hire in addition to the personal trainer, but this is not necessary until you are already in the best shape possible. You will need to hire a professional photographer and an agent to represent you. Make sure the agent is clear in that you are flexible with few demands and will travel where necessary. As for the photographer, have him or her help you put together a good portfolio. This is crucial to have, since without a sufficient portfolio, nobody will give you a second glance.

Most large modeling agencies hold open casting call auditions in which several other people who aspire to become a lingerie model come in and look to outshine the rest of the attenders. Try to attend all of the open casting call auditions possible, even those that require some sort of traveling. Alternatively, try to attend a go-see. A go-see is the term modeling agencies use for their sort of job interview. This happens when a potential client wishes to see how you look in person. Just remember to bring your best smile and your portfolio.

If you haven't hired an agent, this next step will be something to do on your own. You will need your agent to find you work and book you jobs. It is possible to ask various lingerie companies about opportunities to join, or perhaps if you know a designer, they may be able to help you become a lingerie model as well. Alternatively, it is also possible to search for opportunities online, but be wary of lucrative deals that seem too good to be true.


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