How To Become a Lottery Retailer

Becoming a lottery retailer in your state is very simple and can be accomplished in a very short time.  Lottery sales increase your store sales as well as provide you with additional income.  Most states pay a percentage of the lottery sales to the shop owner as a commission, and when a large jackpot is won and the ticket purchased at your store, you will receive a bonus for selling the winning ticket.

To apply visit your local lottery office or visit your states lottery website.  On the website you will find a button that is for retailers.  In Florida the link is simply stated “how to become a lottery retailer”.

Fill out all the appropriate information on their online application and wait for a representative to contact your business for further information.  Your business may have to pass a credit check or have a certain amount of inside sales prior to being approved.  Each state differs in their requirements.  You will be able to apply for permission to sell scratch off tickets, lotto or other automated games, and if your state has a multi state game such as power ball you will be able to apply to sell these tickets also.

Once your application is complete and you are approved by the agency you will have a lotto machine delivered to your premises.  A trained employee from the lotto commission will come down and train you and your employees on how to run the machines, how to process winning tickets and all rules and regulations that concern the sales of lottery tickets.  The manager/owner will receive training on how to electronically transfer all lottery information to the agency and you will receive training on how to perform the correct accounting practices.

Since lottery rules are different in each state it is imperative that you know and understand all these regulations prior to selling any tickets. Make sure that all your new hires fully understand the equipment and rules.  A lottery machine can generate a lot of money for your business but directly and indirectly so simple mistakes need to be avoided.

Many regulations prohibit the sales of lottery tickets in certain areas.  If a store is located  close to an elementary school or a church the business may be declined for sales.  This is not often the case but it is something to consider.

The state generally makes selling lottery tickets a very easy process.  The state also generates a lot of income from the sales of tickets.  Making tickets available in as many places as possible is a way to generate sales.  With this in mind, it is very rare for an application to be declined to sell lottery tickets.


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