How To Become a Male Cheerleader

The misconception with male cheerleaders is that people tend to believe they are not athletic, undeserving of the title “athlete”. However, the level of stamina, agility, and strength is just as demanding as it is to be a standard sports athlete. Furthermore, they need to have an incredible amount of spirit, smiles, and skill to keep up with the rigorous cheerleading routines and become a male cheerleader.

Being in great physical condition is the most important factor in not only being a successful male cheerleader, but making the squad in the first place. The assumption that they are not as athletic as basketball, soccer, football, or baseball players can be proved wrong by watching them perform.. Male cheerleaders need to be in excellent shape to perform the heavy and often lifting as well as pyramids that require a high level of stamina.

Gymnastics, while not very manly, is a huge part of cheerleading. From jumping and tumbling to high kicks and splits, knowing these basic moves will put anyone trying to become a male cheerleader at a huge advantage because learning the routines will be much easier. The easiest way to learn these basic moves is by partaking in gymnastics classes.

Be there for cheerleading, not for meeting the attractive cheerleaders. Taking the duty of a male cheerleader seriously, acting mature when it comes to throwing girls in the air wearing short skirts and refraining from hitting on any of the girls are all musts when it comes to making and staying on the cheerleader squad.

Because tryouts are essential to making the team, talking with cheerleaders to learn about what and what not to do can be very helpful to having a successful tryout that will dare the judges to pick a different male. Dressing appropriately and showing that being a male cheerleader is something taken seriously are great ways to impress the coaches and judges.

Getting the fans excited is one of the most important jobs of being a cheerleader, and being able to capitalize on that can make a huge difference in the final decision. Know the school’s sports statistics, players, colors, and mascot to represent amazing school spirit. Clapping is also something that cheerleaders are seen doing a lot of, so make sure to include that in all routines as well.

Besides being in great physical condition, to plan on being a male cheerleader one must expect to be smiling from start to finish. While this may be difficult on rough days or tough times, it is one of the requirements that must be done and outside emotions have to be set aside. Becoming a male cheerleader is not easy, but with a high level of dedication and enthusiasm, getting onto the squad is a definite possibility.


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