How To Become a Master Fitness Trainer

If you have a passion for health and fitness and believe that you are a good communicator to share your knowledge, then you may wish to become a professional master fitness trainer. The job opportunities abound within health clubs and private gyms who seek fitness professionals to educate and help their members on a one on one basis. The personal trainer is hired to guide and motivate the new gym member into a better way of life through exercise, diet and a brand new way of thinking about their total wellness program.

To compete for the top fitness trainer jobs, you will need to get some kind of certification. There are many programs available, most of which offer some of their coursework and examinations online. The fitness trainer needs to be well-rounded in his or her physical training background with coursework to include study of the major muscle groups and they how they respond to conditioning and injuries. The fitness trainer will be responsible to evaluate and prescribe a fitness regime for each individual client, and therefore must be well-versed on muscle building exercises designed to match every level of fitness.

The trainer must also be educated to recognize and respond to a medical emergency, thus able to determine when an internal injury has occurred. In addition,  there is coursework to cover handling an injury and the administration of emergency CPR. In some cases, the client will come to the gym with a common sports injury such as shin splints, hamstring pulls or a ruptured Achilles tendon. A good certification program will cover these injuries and teach the trainer to devise a rehabilitation program to get the client back in top form.

In addition to a certificate in exercises, the master fitness trainer should be educated in diet and nutrition. You may add a certification in sports nutrition that covers such topics as vitamins, antioxidants, caloric intake, carbohydrates, muscle-building protein supplements and weight loss management.

And most importantly, a good fitness trainer certification program should walk you through the business aspect of the field, with some education on legal matters, gym management, how to start your own personal trainer career, how to calculate a competitive rate, and how to secure clients.

There are a multitude of certificates out there to enhance your career and arm you with the knowledge you need to get started. Most of the certificates are affordable and can be completed in a very short time. For the advanced fitness trainer, you may wish to add a Pilates certification, which although may cost a bit more, it’s a valuable asset to have when applying for a trainer position. The Pilates certificate is granted from the official Pilates workshop, with staff members represented in most major gyms. Get your certificate for the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze and floor exercises for an exciting and lucrative career in the health and fitness business.


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