How To Become a Master Gardener

People love to eat and they absolutely love admiring beauty.  Becoming a master gardener will give this expert the opportunity to provide people what they love.  Master gardeners specialize in planting healthy fruit and vegetables.  They also plant arrays of flowers including roses, tulips, daisies and lilies.  They make the world a healthier and beautiful place to live.  When a person makes the decision to become a master gardener, they are not only deciding to help people live long, healthier lives, but they are deciding to beautify the communities where they live and work.  People who want to become a master gardener simply need to follow a few instructions.

Potential master gardeners should contact their county's extension agent for information about their master gardener program.  Local universities and colleges may also offer a program.  The programs usually begin in January, February or March and last for about twelve weeks.  The training usually ranges between forty and sixty hours per week.  Becoming a master gardener will take a lot of preparation time, so people entering the field should make sure they set ample time aside in their schedules.

Students should prepare to study many different subjects during training.  They should diligently study how plants are damage by the weather or contract plant diseases.  They should study plant insects and how they affect plant life.  They should prepare to study how to properly plant seeds and nourish their crop as it grows.  These are just a few of the required subjects needed to become a master gardener.  The training program is affordable.  It can cost as low as sixty dollars to as high as about four hundred dollars.  Some training programs may offer a payment plan.  Students should inquire about such a program if they need it.

Becoming a master gardener also requires extensive and mandatory volunteer work.  This volunteer requirement can be met in several ways.  Master gardeners can volunteer to answer phones for a garden hotline.  Housewives, senior citizens and others who have gardening questions will call to acquire expertise regarding their gardens.  Potential master gardeners can also volunteer to plant flowers for community centers or schools.  These professionals should simply contact the agencies where they want to volunteer and inform them that they are available.  People who wish to become a master gardener can also check classified ads, bulletin boards and newsletters for volunteer opportunities.

Future master gardeners should consider working with an experienced master gardener.  This will give the student the opportunity to observe the proper way to plant.  They will also learn proper safety techniques by learning to correctly use gardening gloves and tools.  The student will be able to ask questions concerning gardening.  They will also be given valuable advice by the highly experienced master gardener.


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