How To Become a Matador

No fear. That was the lifestyle of the Iberian bull, they choose to fight to the death as opposed to running away from the Christians and Moors who took the challenge to hunt these fearless beasts. Only the top bullfighters were given a name to remember, and that was the matador. The only difference besides being fearless in the face of a bull is that instead of attempting to kill the animal, the job is to persuade the bull with a red cape and provide the crowd with an entertaining experience while coming out alive.

Being fearful of bulls is the one trait that should not be had when attempting to become a matador. Confidence is one of the most important traits to have, and if both of those are lacking, the last resort that can actually work is through acting. As long as confidence and fearlessness can be portrayed, that is all that matters in the case of being a matador.

Going through bullfighting school is a definite requirement. Classes can be found in San Diego, California, other locations are in Spain and Mexico. In these classes and schools, people studying and learning to become matadors will take up the entire campus.

Learning one on one as a matador’s apprentice is the best possible way to get the most helpful experience. While reading books and watching people bullfight is entertaining and can be very informational, getting into the action is the only way to really find out how it is. This is where an apprenticeship can turn into an incredible learning experience by being in the action as opposed to around it.

While flamboyant, nonetheless, learning the techniques and moves that are performed with the red cape that can weigh up to a surprising 13 pounds are simple requirements that will take more than just a few hours to master. While professional matadors make the job look easy as pie, being able to entertain a crowd and avoid being rammed into by a bull can be extremely difficult. It takes tons and tons of practice to appear graceful while on the floor with a bull, but it is not impossible.

Jumping to the big leagues does not happen, in order to even get on the stage beginners must start out in small villages and work their way up from there. Just like musical artists, everyone has to start somewhere, and by gaining local support, it becomes easier to step into bigger arenas as time goes by. Being a matador is not an easy career and will probably not provide a great income until popularity settles in, but with hard work, a strong desire to entertain and be fearless, the sky is the limit in reaching levels of popularity and eventually a substantial income.


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