How To Become a Material Testing Consultant

To be a material testing consultant, you have to have sufficient knowledge in different fields of engineering. It may be a daunting task if you are going to enter this field of work for the first time. You have to be able to deal with different types of people and must be good in analysis of data and also in conducting tests for different materials. It also essential for you to be updated on the different equipment used in material testing.

Here are some of the tips and concepts you have to know to be able to be a material testing consultant:

  1. Geotechnical Engineering – You have to have sufficient knowledge in geothermal engineering. This is the study of the behavior and characteristics of the different earth substances. The qualities that a geotechnical engineer looks for are the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of a substance. Geotechnical engineers deal with soil, rock, erosion, landslides and earthquakes. They are also responsible for checking the soil, land or area to make sure that it is safe enough for a structure to be built on the spot. These jobs are mainly done in the field, such as construction sites.
  2. Construction Materials Engineering and Testing – This is another field that you have to have sufficient knowledge in to be a good material construction consultant. Construction materials engineers deal with the inspection and testing of various materials. You have to have knowledge in operating machines and testing equipment to be able to be a good construction materials engineer. As a construction materials engineer, you are expected to do some testing, such as hardness testing, metallurgical testing, metal testing and plastics testing. Some construction materials engineers work inside a materials laboratory, operating on different testing equipment. Others may work in the field to be able to test different kinds of materials. One of the most popular companies for testing is Stork Testing & Metallurgical Consulting, Inc.
  3. Environmental Consulting – An environmental consultant is the one who is in charge of making sure that a client or a company is abiding by environmental laws and regulations. This is to make sure that no hazardous materials or other harmful substances are harming the environment while testing of materials is going on or that proper waste disposal is done by these companies. There are also different specializations that environmental consultants can enter into. One of these is waste management. For you to become an environmental consultant, you have to know the rules and regulations regarding the environment. You also have to know the sanctions for not following these rules to be able to set non-abiding companies straight. 

These are the three main areas of specialization that you have to be good at. Having sufficient knowledge in these three fields will qualify you to become a great material testing consultant. Other than these three specializations, you also have to be able to work well with different clients and companies. Being a material testing consultant, you are going to deal with a lot of people that you may not always agree with. You have to have the patience to work with these people in order for you to do your job well.


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