How To Become a Medic First Aid Instructor

In early years there was no curricullum or textbooks available to teach the principles of pre-hospital care, and the equipment used was largely drawn from the hospital setting. Clearly though, the controlled hospital setting differed vastly from the field. For this reason the practice of the MFAI (Medic First Aid Responder) has involved into a profession with its own specific training. The pursuit of excellent pre-hospital care occurs on many levels, with the ultimate driving force being the desire to provide patients the exact care they require is a great justice. One of the first steps in this being accomplished is becoming a Medic First Aid Instructor. 

First thing, in order to become a Medic Instructor is to attend a Basic Medic First Aid Course. You will learn in this course how to provides emergency medical care to patients in rural settings. It will allow you to function with  a uniformed set of priorities in a medical emergency. You will learn basic assessment skills on how to evaluate a patient, dysrhythmia recognition, defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion. This course will also teach you basic measures for scene safety and body substance isolation procedures.     

Once you have completed this course and received you basic certification. You will then be able to attend a Medic First Aid Instruction Course. This course will teach basic teaching skills to be able to inform your students the necessary means of saving lives. You will be instructed to teach both lectures and practical skills as well as performance evaluations. The course will also instruct you on many informative teaching strategies to be able to use in your own instruction methods.     

Now, that you have completed the course the next step will be finding a place to teach. There are many resources online to assist you in doing so. Also, you need to establish with a college or you local fire department for possible jobs. Also, as a first aid instructor, you may teach for multiple Training Centers.     

Once you have become a instructor you must maintain quality training to develop ongoing and changing protocols in the field. It is important to develop and provide ongoing education in this field since it changes so much.   

Medic First Aid Instructor's are basic prehospital care instructors. The certification process involves completion of specific requirements per state and the demonstration of skills on both practical and written examinations. The MFAI must instill the knowledge to the students effectively and accurately in order for the process to be successful.     

In conclusion First Aid is something everyone needs to know. It could be a lifesaving tool for use on someone you know. So by being a instructor and teaching people these wonderful lifesaving tools is a amazing service to accomplish.


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