How To Become a Mercenary

Armed soldier

High physical demand and strong willpower are several important requirements in order to become a mercenary. While mercenaries at one point were left for the freelancers, the career has become much more widespread than in the past and is now corporate. While each company has their own specific standards, there is no “easy”, but a variation of strictness. In order to become a mercenary, college is required as well as a military background. For even more challenging jobs, experience with special military operations and college up to a bachelor’s degree may be required just to be eligible. This career path can be very lucrative, but is definitely not for everyone who wants to make a lot of money.

Obtaining a combat arms job in the military is the first step in the process of becoming a mercenary. The physical demand will be intense, but will only be preparation for what the future has in store.

While in the military, working up the ranks or landing a job on a special operations team are great ways to make progress. The Army Special Forces, the Army Rangers, and the Navy SEALs are all highly qualified special ops teams that require exhausting physical training and mental strength.

Three years in the service should be plentiful. Next, separation through honorable discharge is the best way to go. The reason for this is because the military does not provide any career path to becoming a mercenary, only obtaining higher ranks.

Private security companies, essentially mercenary companies, sometimes work with special ops teams. Making contacts during the time spent In the military can lead to connections with these organizations and possibly make it easier to apply or obtain a mercenary position.

Continue to stay in top physical and mental shape. These companies will not bother considering an applicant who does not take the requirements seriously. Also, being mentally prepared for all of the challenges that go along with being a mercenary can ensure that no long-term damage will be sustained.

All mercenary companies have websites, now it is time to put applications in. Doing research on all of the companies to see which one is best suited can make for an entirely different experience. Some of these organizations have much stricter requirements as the jobs performed are much more intense, therefore it is important to be knowledgeable of each company before getting into the career.

Keeping a clean military record, obtaining military awards or going to military school are all beneficial factors when applying for a mercenary position. Stay informed on weapon systems and military tactics because technology is always moving forward and so should knowledge. On mercenary websites, the requirements are often very detailed, strict, and demanding, this does not mean every single point must be met. A waiver may be given out to those who are close to meeting all requirements. Ultimately, the physical and mental demand of this profession could possibly be one of the most intense, but the compensation can be very much worth the price.


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