How To Become a Mermaid: Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaids

Get Your Scuba Diving Certification and Learn to Swim Like a Fish

There are several theme parks and other attractions where mermaids are in residence. One of the most famous mermaid attractions, Weeki Wachee Springs trains women for months to become mermaids. Of course, it's crucial that any mermaid be in fantastic physical shape.  If you are interested in becoming a mermaid, follow these steps.

  1. Learn to swim. Before you can consider spending hours with the mermaids underwater you should learn to swim. Take regular lessons to learn several different strokes and to be comfortable in the water. Mermaid swimming strokes may differ than an average human so make sure you're a very good swimmer before becoming a mermaid.
  2. Take dancing lessons including ballet. Mermaids move through water with smooth, graceful strokes. Dancing lessons will help you get in touch with your body to better control your movements which you will need when trying to be graceful while swimming with a mermaid tail.
  3. Get your scuba diving and CPR certification. Mermaids need to be more than good swimmers, they need to get their scuba diving certification. You must have experience with scuba and CPR so that you can become accustomed to spending hours under water and holding your breath for long periods of time.
  4. Young woman swimming underwaterMeet the minimum requirements. For most attractions you must be eighteen years of age to become a mermaid. You may also need to audition to demonstrate your scuba and dance skills.
  5. Apply for the job. Contact Weeki Wachee regarding job openings and training. The mermaids require several months of training to learn to be a mermaid and work with other mermaids to learn the show routines.
  6. Get hired on a trial basis. Just getting the job isn't enough to become a mermaid. There are months of training and practice required before you can immerse yourself into the tank.
  7. Find the air hoses. The mermaids cannot breathe underwater so they use air hoses to breathe. These hoses are placed throughout the springs so mermaids can perform underwater.
  8. Practice, practice, practice. Again, learning how to become a mermaid will take lots of work and practice. Be prepared to dedicate the time and energy it will require.
  9. Don the mermaid costume. Mermaids wear a special costume including the mystical tail. The costume weighs fifteen pounds and requires more practice to get used to wearing it, swimming in it and keeping your body afloat. Getting used to the mermaid tails may be odd at first, but if you're a good swimmer, and practice a lot, it will eventually become easy.

Regardless of the spells and mysticism you might find online, it isn't possible to make a human being become a real mermaid. Wearing costumes while working at Weeki Wachee or another attraction is the closest you can get.

Weeki Wachee also offers Mermaid camps for kids interested in learning to be a junior mermaid.


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