How To Become a Middle School Teacher

Becoming a middle school teacher is a rewarding experience.  Not only are you teaching kids about educational information, but chances are, you will change the lives of students by being a trustworthy and constant figure in their lives.  To become a middle school teacher, you must have the basic requirements and, of course, determination and drive.

To become a middle school teacher, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.  This can be a traditional college or an online school. Your bachelor’s degree will be in secondary or elementary education, as these courses will give you the proper tools to teaching at the middle school level.

Some colleges or universities will have a specific program just for teachers.  You will work with a handful of the same teachers and students throughout your time at the school.  Otherwise, choose to enroll in a liberal arts school and take classes that focus on the subject you would like to teach one day.

In order to become a middle school teacher, you will need to research the requirements for your specific state.  Each state has different standards for their teachers, so you want to be sure that you are obtaining the right prerequisites for your teaching career.  To find out what your state’s requirements are, check online for a comprehensive guide to what courses and hands-on education experience you need.

As you near the end of your education courses, you will need to take the appropriate test to become certified.  Certification tests vary from state to state, but ultimately you will need to take one to be able to teach at the middle school level.  Certification testing subjects range from basic skills questions to specific content areas.

After you have passed your certification test, you are now ready to land a job as a middle school teacher.  Create a resume and cover letter that are geared toward the education field, namely middle schools.  For an added benefit, you can put together a portfolio to bring with you on interviews.  This can be used to display your teaching philosophies and methods.

In the meantime, volunteer or substitute at local schools in your area.  This will help to get your name out there, while familiarizing yourself with local staff and students.  Volunteering and substituting is also beneficial because it gives you an idea of what areas you would like to teach.  You will also know firsthand when new positions open up.

In order to stay current in your middle school position, you will need to renew your certificate every few years.  This criteria differs from state to state, so check with your local area to find out what your specific requirements are.   Continuing education courses are offered online and can help you keep your certification current.  To be recertified, take professional development courses or graduate level courses toward a master’s degree.


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