How To Become a Model Manager

In order for you become a model manager you must first know the ins and outs of the modeling industry. You can start by working for an agency and watching others be managed on an everyday work load of schedules and bookings. There are a variety of modeling managers if you decide to be in fashion, fitness, children's, or all of the above then you need to be sure to network at industry events and parties to get to know agents.

When you begin to accumulate a great amount of clients, make sure you have efficient office space to set up all individual meetings and go over any problems that the models may need to work on. In addition to having all proper paperwork and contracts under full understanding make sure the model knows the terms of how long their contract last. If you are managing children make sure the child's guardian is available when booking arrangements are being made, so that the guardian is aware of all the details about the job.

Make your client aware that he or she has to have photo shoots scheduled, it will be very beneficial to have updated head shoots and comp cards with the model's stats located on the card. Pick out the best photos and work on websites to build up your advertising, this will help agents contact you and set up appointments for your clients. It is also good for you to have agents who will help represent your clients they will be the ones who will book your clients for work and negotiate contracts.

Model coaching classes include make up application, fashion runway training, and model etiquette when attending a go-see or audition and are some of the things that would be a great way to get your clients prepared for their successful modeling career. Always keep an eye open for new clients to bring in to start their career, maintaining the grooming of your clients can lead to high recommendation it will only boost your reputation as their modeling manager.

Remember, it is your job to be recognized as well as the clients so continue to meet all of the needs of the clients stated in the contracts this includes the agents duties too. These are the people who will help make your business a successful agency.

Putting a model launch party together at a nearby venue would be a great idea for the company's blossoming increase in the networking of clients, agents, and models getting together to acknowledge the company's success. Continue to keep your clients encouraged if they aren't booked for a particular job, the booking agent will most likely have plenty of jobs for your client to look forward to auditioning for.


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