How To Become a Movie Prop Manager

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The key to a successful movie is the striking and realistic props that are used.  If you find yourself enjoying movie props and want to make a career out of them, becoming a movie prop manager may be just the route for you.  Although this career path takes time, the rewards are worth it when you see your work on film.

The first step to becoming a movie prop manager is to watch movies, music videos and television shows and study the props used.  You can gain a lot of insight and ideas when looking at the variety of movie props that make it in production.  Write down some of the things you like or dislike and begin building your own creative ideas.

Next, enroll in theater and film classes.  These types of classes start in high school, so you can get involved in prop making from a young age.  Talk with the director of the plays at your local high school and see if you can take part in making props.  Chances are, your help will be much appreciated and will give you a chance to practice and show your work off.

As you move into the college years, choose a college or university that offers theater and film courses.  Some of the courses will focus specifically on creating movie props and scenery.  Besides taking coursework, find out what local plays are going on in or near your city.   Or, get some recommendations from your college professors.

Once you land a few positions with a director you like, see if you can do an internship with him or her.  Whether paid or unpaid, be sure that you jump at opportunities that allow you to display your niche for making movie props.  Don’t be afraid to present unique and creative props, as this is what will set you apart from other movie prop managers.

Once you have some experience and college education under your belt, you are ready to take more active steps to becoming a movie prop manager.  Find out about independent or student filmmakers who could use your hand in being a movie prop manager.  Independent and student filmmakers have low budgets and are not able to pay people to do props.  While this may not be a paid gig, the trade-off is that you will be given a lot of freedom as a movie prop manager.

Becoming a movie prop manager takes time, especially because you have to show off your work and build up the trust of directors.  In order to stay current, keep working on the sets of local plays or independent filmmakers.  Also be sure to attend workshops that teach about prop management.  This will help expose you to the right people, as well as trade ideas with one another.


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