How To Become a Movie Set Grip

Movie grips have a significant behind the scenes role in television or movie productions.  Their job is to make sure cameras and other essential equipment is in place and in excellent working condition.  They must fully understand the director's vision for a movie or other performance in order to properly capture their vision on camera.  Becoming a movie set grip can be physically draining; however, for the right person it can be a rewarding and exciting career.  Those who want to become a movie set grip must implement the following instructions.

Future movie set grips must learn how to network.  People who want to become a movie set grip must be connected to the right people in order to get the job.  They should network with people who build the set, electricians, and assistants who work behind the scenes.  These people can connect future movie grips to those who hire qualified production employees.  Always show enthusiasm while networking.  When someone attempts to become a movie set grip, complaining to others about the physical requirements of the job, prior to getting the job, is a sure way not to get hire.

As future movie set grips, a person should consider his or her location while networking.  It is commonly known that the bigger and most popular cities for producing movies or television shows are the places where persons seeking production work should be located.  People should consider relocating if they are serious about becoming a movie set grip.  Places like Hollywood, New York, or Chicago are some of the best cities to work as a movie set grip.  Research new films coming out and make every effort to visit the set before making a drastic plan to relocate.

It is highly important to learn how to operate equipment.  Future movie set grips can take trainings in operating cameras, apple boxes and half wedges.  Becoming a movie set grip also involves knowing where to place equipment such as microphones and microphone stands, LED lighting and other equipment.  One of the best ways of learning to become a movie set grip is to ask another movie set grip if he or she will provide mentoring service.  They will be able to provide future movie set grips with on the job training.  Employers in this field may take notice of a person’s perseverance to become a movie set grip and proceed to hire the eager movie set grip.

Communication and social skills are also very important for a movie set grip.  Due to the fact that movie set grips will be interacting with the camera crew, actors and actresses, directors and other staff, movie set grips must be able to interact effectively.  While becoming a movie set grip, these skills will be constantly developed.


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