How To Become a Noble

If everyday life has become a bit humdrum, consider moving to a country where the monarchy is still empowered to give you a title of nobility. The easiest way of obtaining a noble title is to be born into a noble family. But you don't have to be born into the aristocratic station of life to be able to authentically call yourself Lord or Lady. But you will have to be willing to renounce your citizenship in the United States and move to another part of the world, to a country that still grants noble titles.

The custom of granting noble titles began well before Medieval times when society had very definite lines separating poor commoners from richer landowners.  Many kings and queens believed that by bestowing a title upon certain subjects, this act would make them owe lifelong allegiance to the monarchy. Titles of nobility bestowed ranged from Lord and Lady, Count and Countess to Baron and Baronness, and Viscount and Viscountess. But in the 21st century, having a noble title may seem impressive, but in reality nobility does not guarantee an individual any tangible benefits.

Prince Juan Carlos of Spain favors artists and politicians when he is granting titles of nobility, but you will have to become a citizen of Spain in order to qualify for the lofty recognition of being granted the titles of Baron or Duke.

Becoming a subject of the British Empire is the second route to nobility.  Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain made Margaret Thatcher a baroness when she served as prime minister, however noble titles distributed in the past quarter century have been more scarce than hens' teeth in England.

Nobles titles are given by King Albert II of Belgium on an annual basis, but only to Belgian citizens.  Albert is known for honoring people in a wide range of occupations who have distinguished themselves, including statesmen, businessmen, athletes, scientists and entertainers.

If you set your sights on a title of nobility in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or the Netherlands, you just have to fall in love with the right person, someone who already has a noble title because these countries are no longer granting new titles, whether you are a state citizen or not.

The internet is ripe with various companies purporting to offer noble titles for a price, which can run into the thousands of dollars, but not all of these enterprises are legitimate. Your vanity may get you a certificate along with a lofty-sounding title but not much else.


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