How To Become a Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is an individual who shops for those who don’t have the time or ability. Personal shoppers are energetic, financially informed, and know all the good sales in the area. Becoming a personal shopper is fun way to make extra money while enjoying the shopping experience.

If you would like to become a personal shopper you have to be trustworthy and able to meet deadlines. You should know a little about your client and what they want. Personal shoppers don’t shop just for gifts. They also shop for food, clothing, and information.

First you need to decide if you want to be a personal shopper, have the time, the patience, and the ability to fight the crowds or provide information in a timely manner. Make a list, consider your options and then make a decision.

Gift shopping is the most common, but you may also shop for groceries for a shut in, clothing for the busy worker, school supplies for the mom with too many activities, or even office supplies and information for another company. All are good categories and can provide you time for your own shopping.

Set your price. A good start is 30% of total cost. Your client gives you money to shop with and pays you when the goods are received. You can also set a flat fee based on time involved. Charge a flat rate of $20.00 per day. It does not matter if you shop for a few hours or the whole day. Try to shop for more than one client at a time, but keep purchases separate and keep all receipts.

Create a profile list when you interview for a shopping job. List name, address, and contact phone numbers for your client. Check mark if you are shopping for a gift or other items. List if you are purchasing items for a male or female, child, teenager, or adult. Ask about interest of the person you will be making the gift purchase for and any likes or dislikes. Your client will let you know if they have a certain type of purchase in mind or if you are free to choose.

Find out how much your client wants to spend and if they want you to include any special services such as gift wrapping or special delivery. Carry a cell phone with you at all times so you can call the client or they can contact you with any questions. You will need to get the latest date to deliver. They might require delivery within a few hours or considering waiting for a special order if the item is not available.

When you are ready to make a purchase you can save a lot of time, travel, and gas if you call local stores or vendors to ask if certain products are available. Check local sales papers and the internet for online ordering. If you are shopping for groceries or information get a list from the client of what they want, brands, and exact information.

Once you have made your purchases deliver all products and services on time. Keep the receipt as proof of cost. Your client will be your best advertisement so treat them with respect and do a great job. If you follow through with each task your clients will continue to call for your services.


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