How To Become a Personal Trainer

The career of being a personal trainer is an incredible opportunity to change people’s lives through helping them achieve their goals of becoming healthy and fit, while also making an income that is quite impressive. There are many options to performing this job, such as having an entirely new business, bringing the business to a club, or working through a health club. Safety guidelines, keeping educated, and being healthy are all important guidelines for becoming a personal trainer.

Nutrition, kinesiology, anatomy, exercise physiology, and motivational techniques are all tremendously important factors and aspects of being a personal trainer. Being enthusiastic and positive while working with clients, knowing the human body as well as what exercises provide the best benefit are all learned from these subjects.

Taking a first aid and CPR training class is an essential part of becoming a personal trainer because almost all certifications require that a CPR class has been taken. In helping clients, many of whom may not be in great shape, unknown heart conditions or other health related problems may cause an incident that requires CPR. While these do not occur on an everyday basis, it is still essential that they are prepared to perform CPR.

There are several nationally recognized organizations that will deal with certifications for personal trainers such as the American Council on Exercise of the National Strength and Conditioning Council. Obtaining certification is a must in order to become an official personal trainer regardless of where the job takes place.

Personal injury and property loss are something that is covered through personal liability insurance, what all personal trainers should have. While most trainers are required to already have this, some of them don’t, and that puts themselves at risk for a lawsuit if anything were to happen to their client as they are responsible for their health.

Getting referrals and experience through family members and friends is a great way to get into the groove of working as a personal trainer, helping people out, as well as the resilience that can be shown when it comes to working out and getting into shape.

While it all depends on the services, background and clientele, deciding how much to charge per hour is an essential part of the business. Where very experienced personal trainers can get clients for 200 dollars per hour, others in the beginning stages might have to settle for 25 dollars per hour until they become more experienced.

Starting a new business is a great opportunity to take advantage of all profits and money made through personal training, but it can be difficult to start off alone. Obtaining a job through local gyms or health clubs are a great place to start because it allows an establishment of clientele to be made as well as gaining experience as time goes on. Through experience with time and opening up new services, opportunities for new clientele and higher prices will become available. In the end, being a personal trainer is both physically and emotionally demanding and requires a lot of patience for each and every client.


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