How To Become a Plus Size Model

These days, modeling isn't just for the skinniest models. Society recognizes that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, so a need has emerged for larger models. If you're a little bit more on the voluptuous side and you are considering modeling as a career, here are some tips to help you become a plus-size model.

Step 1

Make sure you fit the requirements. If you want to be a plus-size model, you should be at least 5'8" - 6' tall, with a shoe size of 10 or higher. Weight generally isn't measured when it comes to plus-size models, but obviously, the more fit you look, the better. Agencies like to see a well-proportioned figure more than anything, especially one with shapely legs. If you meet these requirements, you have a good chance at making it as a plus size model.

Step 2

Make a portfolio. Before you start pounding the pavement in search of your first plus-size modeling job, you need to have a portfolio. This is a collection of your past modeling work, all presented in a pretty package, that will show modeling agencies your past experiences. It doesn't have to be a complete portfolio when you're first trying to break into the industry. Just choose a few of your best photos, especially ones that aren't too staged or posed. Make sure you have some close-ups, some head shots and a full body shot in your portfolio as well. And only include pictures of yourself modeling flattering (and appropriate) clothing.

Step 3

Call modeling agencies. As a plus-sized model, you'll have to look for appropriate modeling agencies to contact, since not every agency has a need for larger girls. Do some research to find out about a potential agency's background, reputation and overall success rates. Talk to other plus-sized models in the industry if you can. And never, ever pay to be considered (or to join) a modeling agency. This is not necessary, and often a scam aimed at desperate plus-sized ladies hoping to make it big in the modeling world.

Step 4

Make a good impression. Once you have contacted the top 3 or 4 modeling agencies in your area, make sure you show up for an interview fully prepared. Wear clothing that fits you well. Anything that is too tight or unflattering will instantly turn off your potential modeling agent. Comfortable, semi-casual clothing is fine, but if you have something more professional you'd like to wear, that would be okay too. Try to incorporate a pair of small heels into your outfit that day to give you some added height (without coming across as being too risqué).

Step 5

Go to an open call. Another popular way for plus-size models to be discovered is by attending open calls. An open call is open to anyone and everyone interested, so be prepared for large crowds and a hectic day. You'll be asked some basic personal information like your measurements, your contact information, your past experience and even your personal interests. You'll likely be measured by the plus-size industry professionals, and you may be asked to pose for a picture or two.

During an interview or an open call, remember not to let the stress and strain get to you. There will inevitably be criticism, but just let it go. Eventually, someone will see you as the starlet that you are, which will open up an opportunity for you to jumpstart your career as a plus-size model.


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